A refresh for award winning insurance advisers

Offering services reaching far and wide from top to bottom of WA

  • Client: Bresland Insurance Group
  • Website: bresland.com.au
  • Project length:

Increasing brand recognition through a website revamp

Bresland Insurance Group was in need of a brand refresh to increase their sales and customer base, in addition to brand recognition across the state.

Bresland Insurance Group contacted us for a website refresh to which we proposed a new, custom built website using the edukaCMS.  The pitch was to increase Breslands' online brand recognition through their website to update their look and feel and to incorporate a blog and events component.

The new website also had to make it easier for a potential client to navigate to find information and contact details, converting more leads to sales. 

The new custom website shows a user interface which is simple and very easy to navigate.  The redesign re-positions Bresland as top level insurance advisers, ensuring their offline mission and aim is translated into the online design and content.

Using the edukaCMS allows Bresland site managers to create and publish content with ease.