We helped Act-Belong-Commit grow and engage with more people in their community


Act-Belong-Commit is a successful campaign to encourage people to be more open about their own mental wellbeing. The ideas and information on their website needed to be easy to use and accessible to everyone. They needed a new site with new technology, that gave them more control over their site. 

What we did

We replaced the technology stack and rebuilt the front end of the Act-Belong-Commit site to give them more control over their content and dynamic features. The ideas and information on the site were made easy to use through interactive tools and accessible to everyone. 

How we did it:

  • Optimised the site for smaller screens 
  • Redeveloped their Activity Finder 
  • Added a search function to entire site 
  • Ensured all accessibility standards were met
  • Integrated third party tools 

Ashul and his team at Eduka are friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Working with them has been a delight! They have been receptive to our ideas, and have been patient in guiding us through the whole web design process, taking us from a clunky, non-responsive, archaic website to a user-friendly, easy-on-the eye, comprehensive resource for our community. We’ve received positive feedback about our new and improved website, and are positive it has helped to set us up to grow and engage with more people in the community.